Lease contract, conditions and use

1.- Bicycles and accessories related to this lease are owned by the issuer, BIKE RAID SL (hereinafter the Owner). Under no circumstances, the customer (Lessee),  by signing the rental contract, holds property rights to the leased assets.

2.- The Lessee states that users of this Rental Contract have the expertise necessary for the conduction of the vehicle and are in perfect health for cycling. The user takes the responsibility in case of suffering any kind of disease, particularly coronary, eye, ear or circulatory, musculoskeletal or digestive while using a rented bicycle.

3.- Bike rental does not include a guide; GPS units can be rented but, by no means, are comparable to a personal guide. The Owner will make available to the client tourist and cultural information about the area and possible routes and / or trips to perform with rented bicycles, in the form of maps and verbally.

4.- In addition to the bicycle, it is possible to rent a helmet  for each user and an anti-theft lock.

5.- At the time of renting the bike(s), the Lessee is responsible for returning the bicycle(s) as they were delivered, in perfect conditions including accessories and locks. In case of damage or theft of the bicycle, the Owner is entitled to claim, bill and collect the Lessee and the actual current value of each bicycle and / or accessory, according to the price list at the bottom of the contract.

6.- The Lessee assumes the role of depositary and custodian of the rented bicycle and accessories, assuming all civil and criminal liabilities that this condition implies until they are returned to the Owner.

7.- The Owner will be exempt of any liability in case of accident when using the bicycle(s). Likewise, the Owner reserves the right to claim against the Lessee  in case of misuse or poor handling.

8. In case of malfunction of the bicycle, where it is not possible to continue the route and / or excursion, and in case it is not possible to arrange for a substitute, the Lessee shall not make any claim for damages that it may have caused. The Owner shall not be liable for payment of taxi or other means of transportation without express authorization.

9.- The Lessee is also required:

  • To make good use of bicycle(s) and accessories rented from the Owner.
  • To return the bicycle(s) and accessories at the end of the lease term in the same perfect conditions in which they were delivered.
  • To deliver the bicycle as clean as it was delivered, otherwise authorizing the Owner to charge 10.00 € for cleaning.
  • To take responsibility for their own actions in riding handling and transporting bicycle(s) and rented equipment.
  • Compensate the owner for any damage inflicted on the bicycles as per the agreed prices and to reimburse the owner for the damages caused to third parties and who have been fulfilled by it.
  • Respect traffic rules and comply with their regulations. * Do not go through private provate property.
  • Do not litter while using the bicycle(s).
  • In case of breakdown or issues with the bicycle and rented equipment and/or accident, immediately call BIKE RAID SL. The number is 922 20 43 43.
  • Do not use the bicycle(s) on sandy beaches and keep away from saltwater.

10.- The Lessee and the Owner are subject to the Spanish legislation, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Court.

11.- The Lessee is required to leave a deposit of 50€ (aluminum frame or € 100 (full suspension or carbon frame) per rented bicycle. Such deposit will be used to refund possible damages.

12.- Bicycle and equipment rental must always be paid in advance. Early returns will noy be refunded. Bicycle(s) and equipment must be returned on the day indicated in the contract by 19:00. Failing to comply will result in a penalty corresponding to one day of rental.

13.- The Owner declares to possess liability insurance that covers damages caused or suffered by the Lessee due to mechanical breakdowns of the bicycle(s). 

14.- All damages and inconveniences caused by the bicycle(s) or when on the bicycle(s) are not included and covered by the liability insurance, and will be paid by the Lessee.